How do I log-in to view my account ?


First, make sure you have registered.  This is a new website and none of the previous information carried over from the old one.  To register, go to the Members Area Log in section.  Under where it asks you to Log in, it says “New User ? Click here to register” in red.

Click there to register.

You will need your membership number to register.

You will also need to enter a password.


Once registered, wait until the registration is approved by Flamesavers (this may be the next day if you register after 3pm).  You will then receive a PIN number via text message.


Now you may go back to the Members Area log in and actually start to log in.


If viewing on a PC or mobile device its the the blue bar marked “Members area Login” at the top right of the home page.

You may also click the link below to take you to the login page

Members area Login


1- First will need your membership number and the password you created when registering the account.

2 – Then, it will ask for 3 digits of your PIN number (if you cannot get to the pin stage, you will have probably entered an incorrect password. It is case sensitive).  If you enter the wrong password several times it will lock your account.  You will then need to email or call us to unlock the account.

3 – Finally after the 3 digits of the pin are entered correctly, you will receive by text a ONE TIME ACCESS CODE (not to be confused with your PIN).  This one time access code will BE DIFFERENT each time you log in.

Then you now should be into your view only account.  Click on the red line of information to open it up into further details for you.

Although this seems a lengthy process once you have used it a few times it only takes only a minute.

LOST PIN  –  if you forget or cannot find your PIN contact us and we can send you another.  Please make a note of the PIN as you will need this EVERY TIME you log in.




How do I become a member of the Credit Union?keyboard_arrow_down

You can complete an on-line form from the website, or by following the link below.
Membership Application

What happens if I leave the Brigade or retire?keyboard_arrow_down

Once you are a member of the credit union, you can remain a member for the rest of your life. If you are in receipt of a pension then you complete a Pension Deduction Form and return it to the office. If, on the other hand, a member leaves without a pension provision we allow them to set up a standing order so they can continue saving with the Credit Union.


How do I change my deduction from payroll/pension?keyboard_arrow_down

Please complete a payroll/pension amendment form to amend your deduction. This form can be found in the online forms . The change will take effect from the next available payroll/pension run date which may be after your next deduction date.


How do I make withdrawals from my savings?keyboard_arrow_down

If you wish to transfer funds to a different account, other than the one authorised on the bank transfer form, or you have not completed a Bank Transfer form, you will need to complete a share withdrawal form. Online Forms

When will I receive the money into my bank account?keyboard_arrow_down

If the request is received during office hours (9.00 a.m. – 3.00 p.m.) then the money is usually in your bank account within 2 hours of making the BACS payment. If it is received out of hours then it will be done immediately the office is next open.

Office is open Monday – Friday 9.00 a.m. to 3.00 p.m. Annual leave does affect the opening times occasionally, so please check the website for this information.


How do I make a deposit into my credit union account, in addition to my deduction?keyboard_arrow_down

To make a deposit into your account  please make an  internet banking  payment into the following bank account:-

Flamesavers Credit Union Ltd



Ref: Membership number and surname.

IT IS VERY IMPORTANT that you quote your membership number and surname as the reference on the BACS transaction, i.e. 1234 Smith. Failure to do this will mean that there will be a delay in depositing this into your account until you can provide proof of the transaction. Once the deposit shows in our account with the correct information then the money is credited to your credit union account.

Do I receive interest on my savings?keyboard_arrow_down

Technically the answer is no, we don’t pay interest. However, what we do is pay a dividend which is based on the financial success of the credit union in the previous year. The dividend is calculated when the accounts have been audited and approved at the Annual General Meeting and is paid after the AGM has taken place, which is usually in the latter part of each year.

Is there a limit what I can deposit into my credit union account in addition to my monthly contribution?keyboard_arrow_down

A member can deposit up to £1,000.00 in any one financial year in addition to their monthly contribution. Our financial year runs from 1st October through to 30th September.

Is there a limit  to how much I can have deducted each month?keyboard_arrow_down

There is no limit on how much you can have deducted each month but the minimum is £5.00 a month.

Is there a limit as to how much I can have in my account?keyboard_arrow_down

The maximum amount every member is allowed to have in their savings is based on a percentage of our total shareholding. This figure changes every month but the board have set the figure at £15,000.00 maximum.


How much can I borrow?keyboard_arrow_down

A member can borrow up to 5 times their share (or savings) balance, less the outstanding balance of any existing loan, but no more than £20,000.00 in total.

Can I clear my loan early?keyboard_arrow_down

You can repay your loan at any time after the first month’s interest has been added, without incurring any early repayment fees. Please bear in mind that if you use your savings to do this, it can affect the amount you can borrow in the immediate future.

I have a loan but can I withdraw any of my savings?keyboard_arrow_down

When you take out a loan with the credit union an amount of your savings, equivalent to a fifth of the loan balance, is used as security against the loan until your loan is repaid. This means as your loan reduces it releases a portion of your savings that may be withdrawn. For example with a loan of £5000, £1000 pounds is needed to act as security for the loan. As the loan balance is reduced for example to £3200 so does the amount needed to act as security. Therefore you would have a share balance of £1000 of which £650 was need to act as security leaving £360 which could be withdrawn.

If I reduce the balance of my loan, will the monthly repayment amount change?keyboard_arrow_down

The short answer is no. However any overpayments or additional repayments will shorten the term of the loan, which will save you interest, as we only charge interest on the outstanding balance at the end of each month. If you are concerned over the repayments at any time, then a member of staff will always be willing to discuss your individual situation.