We are asking for your help in spreading the message of the benefits of membership of your credit union.
Is there someone on your watch, or in your department, that you think may benefit from being a Flamesavers member ?
If so would you be willing to talk to them about us, how we work and advantages of membership.

If so then there is financial reward for both you and anyone you sign up as a new member.
We will credit both you and the new member with £25 each once their account is opened.

We have amended our membership application forms and you will notice that we are asking the new member to supply us with the name and credit union membership number of the current member so that we may credit the correct account.

Please note that this is a limited offer.
Once the allocated funds for this project have been used then we will stop the scheme so please do not hesitate.
There are no limits on the number of new members you may recruit.